PC-based CNC Has The Following Advantages

- Jul 18, 2018-

low cost. PCs are industrial products with ever-increasing performance and declining prices. The PC-based CNC will benefit directly from it.

standardization. In the course of more than a decade of development, the hardware platform of the PC has formed a standard. The standardization and reciprocity of the hardware platform of the PC are beneficial to the maintenance of the CNC system. It also lays the foundation for the standardization, modularization and openness of PC-based CNC systems.

High reliability. The production volume of the PC is large, and its various components have formed a relatively complete standard. This is good for mass production and quality control. Industrial PCs enable CNC systems to find a compromise between high reliability and low cost.

Rich in software resources. PC's rich software resources and development tools provide convenience for the development of CNC software, shorten the development cycle, reduce development costs, and create a good environment for CAD/CAM/CNC integration.

Easy to network. Network devices and web browsers based on the PC platform can easily access the Internet, laying a solid foundation for global manufacturing, virtual manufacturing, and shared manufacturing resources.

Although PC-based CNC systems have shown more and more advantages, PCs have problems in software and hardware that cannot fully adapt to machine control. The most prominent problem is the hardware structure of existing PCs. There are fewer interruptions for users, and some additional devices will also crowd out these interrupt resources, such as sound cards, network cards and additional hard disk devices IDE (Integrated Device Electronics). Second, there are many problems with the use of existing operating systems to implement real-time control mechanisms for further study.