PC-based CNC Systems Can Be Divided Into Three Categories

- Jul 18, 2018-

The NC board is inserted into the PC. This CNC system plugs in the core functions of the CNC and inserts it into the PC. The PC will implement functions such as user interface, file management and communication. The NC card will be fully responsible for the motion control and switching control of the machine.

The PC board is embedded in the CNC. Many manufacturers are reluctant to give up the traditional mature CNC technology, and they need the flexibility and openness of the PC, so they have adopted a compromise solution: provide a PC front-end interface or directly embed the PC motherboard into the CNC to make its CNC The device has the flexibility of a PC. This approach is used by many large companies. It should be noted that this kind of CNC is a compromise solution. Companies that have achieved certain advantages in numerical control technology are reluctant to give up the performance of their mature technology for commercial interests. But with the development of computer technology, hardware standardization and cost reduction, this approach is likely to be just a transitional form.

Software CNC. The software CNC can be understood as the realization of the functions of the CNC by the concept and means of the PC. The main body of this kind of CNC device is a PC, which makes full use of the continuously increasing operating speed of the PC, the ever-expanding storage capacity and the continuously optimized operating system to realize the motion track control and the logic control of the switch quantity in the machine control. At present, there are still many problems to be solved in this program, so it is mainly in the laboratory research stage. However, it is foreseeable that with the development of computer technology, this form of machine tool controller will have an unbeatable price advantage and scalability, and has a broad future.