The Intelligence Of The CNC System Is Mainly Reflected In The Following Aspects

- Jul 18, 2018-

The intelligentization of NC programming. Most high-end CNC systems can automatically select tools through the session automatic programming system, generate process routes, calculate cutting depth and cutting speed, and realize cutting simulation, which greatly improves the efficiency of online programming and complex surface programming.

Intelligent monitoring of the processing process. The numerical control system tests the quantity and modeling of the physical quantity that affects the machining accuracy and efficiency, extracts the features to sense the operating state of the system, quickly makes the decision to achieve the best target, and adjusts the feed speed and the spindle speed in real time. To make the entire process in a reasonable state. The application of more intelligent monitoring is the tool wear and damage monitoring, and the machine tool adaptation control is also an important application of the intelligent monitoring of the machining process.

Intelligent diagnosis. Most high-end CNC systems have built-in real-time diagnostic systems. When a machine fails, the system can diagnose and guide the troubleshooting. Traditional research methods are mainly based on expert systems, but expert systems for fault diagnosis have difficult problems to overcome, such as knowledge acquisition difficulties, combinatorial explosions and matching conflicts. In recent years, artificial intelligence technologies such as fuzzy mathematics and neural networks have achieved good results in fault diagnosis.

It is worth noting that a single intelligent technology often cannot comprehensively solve complex problems in machine control. In this case, a combination of multiple artificial intelligence technologies can achieve better results. At present, since most artificial intelligence algorithms can not meet the requirements of real-time control, how to improve the speed of intelligent algorithms is an important issue affecting the application of intelligent algorithms. On the other hand, most controllers are not yet open, that is, interfaces that integrate intelligent technology are not provided, which also affects the application of smart technology in numerical control systems. With the expansion of CNC system functions and the development of artificial intelligence technology, the application of various artificial intelligence methods in machine tool controllers will bring better prospects for the development of controllers.