To Achieve CNC Machining, You Must Have A CNC Device That Meets The Following Requirements

- Jul 18, 2018-

It can be seen that to achieve CNC machining, there must be a CNC device that meets the following requirements:

The numerical control device, that is, the digital control computer capable of accepting the information required for the part pattern processing, performing interpolation calculation according to a certain digital model, and issuing a speed control command and a cutting amount to each coordinate axis in real time;

a drive device that responds quickly and has sufficient power;

In order to realize CNC machining, it is also necessary to have machine tool mains, tools, auxiliary equipment and auxiliary functions required for various processing methods that can meet the above processing methods.

In summary, as long as the machine host, numerical control device, drive device and corresponding supporting equipment are available, a CNC machine tool can be formed to complete the CNC machining of various parts.

A dedicated computer is usually used, the operating instructions are represented in digital form, and the machine operates in accordance with a predetermined program. Numerical control